My teaching approach has evolved over a period of more than 20 years. It represents a mix of formal training (university and college degrees), continuing education, self-study, consultation with colleagues and, most importantly, direct teaching experience.

To help you decide about whether my teaching studio is right for you, I’ve listed some of my core philosophies below. Please take a minute to read the bullet points and consider the match between what I'm offering and what you're seeking.

I believe that . . .

  • My primary goal is to teach students how to learn.  I list this as a primary goal because it has application value for music as well as other learning disciplines. Students who know how to self-direct their study will gain confidence in their ability to problem solve and work well independently as well as with others.
  • Lessons should be tailored to each student's goals, needs and learning style. Private study requires targeted teaching that takes each person's unique situation into account.
  • Effective teachers create the conditions that help students motivate themselves.  Motivation is not something that is "done" to the student by the teacher. Rather, good teachers enhance students’ intrinsic motivation.
  • We grow when we share our work.  I encourage each student to play and create with others and for others. At Piano Plus, students have opportunities throughout the year to participate in collaborative recording projects and showcases.
  • Music study is serious fun.  Playing music is exciting and can make you feel great.  Playing music well, however, requires commitment. No doubt, challenges will arise. The student who devotes herself to practicing regularly will overcome obstacles and make steady progress. It never fails.