I've been teaching for more than 20 years. My method represents a mix of formal training (university and college degrees), lots of real-life playing in a wide range of situations, thousands of hours in the practice room, self-study, composing and arranging, and, most importantly, direct teaching experience.

Here are my core philosophies:

At the outset, I teach students how to learn. Students able to self-direct their study gain confidence in their ability to absorb knowledge and solve problems independently as well as with others.

Lessons are always tailored to each student's goals, needs and learning style. Each student's unique situation is taken into account.

Student's should eventually motivate themselves. Motivation is not something that is "done" to someone. Rather, good teachers enhance students' intrinsic motivation by developing a fertile environment for creativity and learning.

We grow when we share our work. Students can choose to participate in collaborative recording projects and showcases to take their learning and creativity to unexpected levels.

Music study should be serious fun. Playing music can make you feel great. Playing music well, however, requires commitment. The student who devotes herself to practicing regularly will overcome obstacles and make steady progress. It never fails.