Do you teach adults? Children?  Yes, I teach both. My school-age and adult students range in age from about 7 to 80 and vary in skill level from beginning to advanced.

Who are the students that seem best suited for your teaching studio?  I'd say that there are two groups of people who feel most at home here - students who want to play for their own enjoyment and also students who like to create music.

Does your Teaching Studio offer a specialty?  Yes. In addition to teaching piano performance, I offer instruction in improvisation and composition for motivated students who are interested in bringing their musical ideas to life.

“When can I begin instruction?”  Although the studio follows the school year calendar, there isn't a set time point or deadline for registration. Provided there's no waiting list, a student may enroll at any time after the initial interview.

“What’s the purpose of the initial interview?”  This face-to-face meeting offers an opportunity for the student and myself to meet and discuss the possibility of working together – to get a sense, for both of us, if the student/teacher relationship is likely to be a “good fit.”

“What do I need to get started?”  For students studying Piano, an 88-note acoustic or digital piano with a weighted action is the ideal instrument. Although students may start instruction with a non-weighted/synthesizer-type keyboard, I don't recommend this – simply because the lack of key resistance hinders the development of proper technique. If you’re feeling unsure about choosing a good instrument, please contact me – I’d be happy to assist you. At the first lesson, I'll offer information about any method books or other music materials that might be required.

If you're a non-piano student who's studying composition, improvisation or both, I’ll be happy to provide you with a list of recommended books, software applications, notation  programs and any other learning resources that I think might be helpful.

“Where is your studio located?”  The teaching studio is conveniently located in Rochester’s Arts and Culture District - minutes from shopping, restaurants, cafes and museums. Please see the “Contact“ page for further information.