Adult Students

Whether they're starting from scratch or returning to lessons after some time away, adult learners are welcome at Piano Plus! While most students are primarily interested in playing for their own enjoyment, others prefer to concentrate on developing specific skills or, perhaps, exploring new styles of music (e.g., Classical, Jazz, Broadway, Blues, etc.). Each person's path is unique.


School-age Students

School-age students most often use the word "fun" to describe their learning experiences at Piano Plus. Parents appreciate the balanced teaching approach that encourages optimal challenge within a relaxed and supportive learning environment.

Scott varies his teaching style depending upon a student’s need and his/her personality and has a special skill for keeping the kids motivated. Both my children learn from him and we all enjoy the lessons and the wonderful music and joy they bring into our home.
— Vimmi Guglani

Playing Events

Student Showcase

School-age students share the stage with professional and college-level musicians along with invited musical guests during June's Student Showcase. Each student typically performs a solo piece along with a collaborative work.



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